Reg’s teaching

After a career in business journalism and in economics research, Reg spent almost eight years at Rhodes University teaching economics, finance and business journalism. In the process he increased his knowledge about these as well as, crucially, learning to teach at the higher education level. His experience at Rhodes convinced him that the best way to learn was by doing – either on the practical level or by engaging in serious research. His journalism teaching emphasises reporting real stories and students doing their own research into journalism.

Some of the courses Reg teaches:

Economics for journalists;
Markets and companies for journalists;
Reporting on capital markets;
Reporting on international economic relations (e.g. trade and investment);
Labour reporting;
Corporate governance and social responsibility;
Development journalism; and
Numbers for journalists.
All courses are customisable, in duration and content.

Reg has also taught finance to media managers, and done one-on-one teaching of business communication skills.