They came together to discuss the death of newspapers – and you’ll never guess what happened next

They came together to discuss media – and you’ll never guess what happened next The problem with media economics, according to one of the academics presenting a paper at this conference, is that economists don’t understand media. One could also say that media scholars don’t understand economics. And neither understand finance. And the practioners, the … [Read more…]

What President Zuma failed to mention

The most surprising thing about the State of the Nation address wasn’t the violent ejection of the red berets. That’s a rerun of an old movie. It was the President’s failure to mention the major State-Owned Companies at all. They have featured prominently in the news as drivers of transformation as well as sites of … [Read more…]

Remembering Howard Preece

16.09.1939 – 07.09.2016 Oxford-educated and incredibly sharp, Howard Preece for a time dominated economics journalism in South Africa. The former editor of the Rand Daily Mail’s finance section won the economics section of the Sanlam Awards for Financial Journalism often, and the overall award four times, starting in 1975. He was editor of the finance … [Read more…]